Initiate & Innovate

Our Mission

To improve the economic opportunities of underserved individuals through empowerment, education and entrepreneurship for the benefit of the greater community.

Our Organization

In 2005, MESO was founded on a simple, yet remarkable notion – that low-income individuals could achieve economic security through entrepreneurship. This vision has led us to match individuals from disenfranchised, displaced, low-income, immigrant/refugee, unbanked, minority and underserved communities with all the services and support needed to succeed in business. In 10 years, we have provided assistance to over 2000 entrepreneurs, provided more than $1,859,568 in loans and $2,539,058 in matched savings, and seen clients increase net revenues upwards of 1600%. Today, we celebrate these milestones with the clients who have graduated, and with those who still look forward to improving their economic security.

What We Do

MESO brings a holistic array of services and programs to small businesses. Services include Access to Capital, Business Planning, Market Research, Individual Development Accounts, Bookkeeping, Classes, Networking, Mentoring, and linkages with Resources and Referrals.

Our People

From inception, MESO’s staffing has reflected the communities we serve. Hiring business owners who can provide real-life advice and practical approaches to business has ensured clients receive realistic and no-nonsense support.

Ben Durfee

Business Development Services
dburfee [at] mesopdx [dot] org

Brook Mentire

Business Development Services
Access to Capital
bmentire [at] mesopdx [dot] org

Carmen Madrid

Business Development Services
cmadrid [at] mesopdx [dot] org

Charles Funches

Loan Portfolio Manager
cfunches [at] mesopdx [dot] org

Emma Flores

Business Development Services
Beaverton Lead
eflores [at] mesopdx [dot] org

Felicia Wells-Thomas

Business Development Services
Outreach Lead
fwells [at] mesopdx [dot] org

Nita Shah

Executive Director.
nshah [at] mesopdx [dot] org

Seile Tekle

MarketLink Coordinator
stekle [at] mesopdx [dot] org

Supriya Moffitt

Business Development Services
Access to Capital
smoffit [at] mesopdx [dot] org

Board of Directors

Faye Burch, Chair
Jeff Lang, Chair
Cam Turner, Treasurer
Brandi Webber, Secretary
Alma Flores, Personnel Committee Chair
Dave Connell, Board Member
Sheila Holden, Board Member
Mahendra Shah, Board Member
Beth Cooke, Board Member
Teri Karen-Keith, Board Member